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Human rights tools

During the last year there has been an increase of information tools within the Human rights field. In this section we have listed some of the central tools which make the work with human rights more accessible.

This app allows you to access updated information on the Women Peace and Security (WPS) agenda from anywhere and everywhere. Although it fits in the palm of your hand, this app acts as a powerful tool to monitor the international community’s progress on integrating gender into its laws and policies. By providing up-to-date information into app users hands, WILPF hopes to empower activists at al... Read more

The UN Resources Tool aims to improve the accessibility of UN language and information on sexual and reproductive rights. Read more

The UPR Database allows you to access and search all recommendations and references made during the Universal Periodic Reviews. Read more

The OHCHR's launched September 11th 2013 its Database on practical means to combat racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance Read more

Women’s Human Rights App is a practical tool for easy access to relevant international legal instruments and agreed language Read more