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Norwegian statement on Peru

Last updated: 06.11.2012 //

Norway thanks the delegation of Peru for the presentation of the national report, and recognizes the efforts by Peru to strengthen its national system for the protection of human rights, especially the progress observed regarding social and economic rights for marginalized groups and in reducing the overall levels of poverty.

Norway also recognizes the importance of the steps taken by the government of Peru to ensure prior consultations with indigenous communications in accordance with The International Labor Organizations Convention 169, ratified by Peru.

The National Human Rights Ombudsman in Peru expresses concern relating to violence committed by law enforcement personnel, including national police, armed forces and municipal security officers. Reports of cases of torture and ill-treatment in places of pretrial detention and prisons, as well as overcrowding and lack of medical personnel within the prison system continue to cause concern.

Norway recommends that effective steps are taken to ensure that the Peruvian National Police (PNP), armed forces, municipal security officers, and prison guards refrain from all cruel and inhuman treatment of citizens and prisoners.

Several stakeholders refer to the lack of clear protocols for when abortions may be performed legally as a threat to the lives and health of women and girls. Women prevented from receiving therapeutic abortions sometimes turn to unsafe and clandestine procedures that may threaten their lives and safety, and violate the right to the highest attainable standard of health.

Norway therefore recommends that Peru establishes national protocols for abortion in accordance with the conclusion of the UN Human Rights Committee in 2005, as a measure to improve women´s sexual and reproductive rights.

Thank you.



Advanced Questions:


1.         In the previous UPR the Government of Peru accepted a recommendation to cooperate more closely with the Committee against Torture by setting up a national complaint registration and investigation system and a national preventive mechanism. Within what time frame will a national complaint registration and investigation system be established in Peru?

2.         What steps is the Government of Peru taking to ensure that human rights defenders and journalists are able to carry out their work freely and without fear of reprisals.

3.         How is Peru working to ensure sexual and reproductive rights for women?

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