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Item 13.7: Norway's Intervention on Implementation of the International Health Regulations

Last updated: 29.05.2012 //



Norway thanks the Secretariat for the report submitted. The implementation of the IHR 2005 in Member States is key with regards to enhanced preparedness for future public health emergencies of international concern. Norway will continue to follow this important issue closely.


We note that implementation of IHR is moving forward in most States Parties. Still a number of Parties will need to apply for extension of the deadline to meet the requirements of core capacities.


Norway commends WHO for providing assistance to States Parties that are establishing core capacities under the Regulations. We would encourage WHO to reinforce this assistance in the coming month with an emphasis on the specific minimum capacities needed so that as few States Parties as possible will need to apply for extension of the deadline.


Concerning the status of implementation of the core capacities in Norway, we have assessed this thoroughly and concluded that the core capacities requirements as set out in annex 1 of the IHR are implemented. And that Norway for this reason will not apply for an extension of the deadline.


Furthermore, we note the description of a few major events, such as the emergency at Fukushima nuclear plant and the E-coli outbreak in Europe. We would welcome a more in-depth analysis of the lessons learned from these events, such as how IHR contributed to the information exchange and why none of the events were declared as public health emergencies of international concern.


Norway also notes with satisfaction that the Secretariat has started improving the Event Information Site for the IHR National Focal Points. This was one of the recommendations of the IHR Review Committee.


Finally; Norway supports the draft resolution for this agenda item.

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