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Item 13.6: Norway's Statement on Social Determinants of Health

Last updated: 29.05.2012 //

Mr. Chairman,


Thank you for giving me the floor,


Norway want to tank the Brazilian government and WHO Secretariat for holding the World Conference on Social Determinants in Rio de Janeiro last October which resulted in the Rio Political Declaration on Social Determinants of Health. We believe the Declaration is in line with core principles of the WHO constitution and constitutes a new stepping stone for progress in global action to reduce inequities in health.


Fairness and equity is at the heart of our common challenge for a socially and economically stable and sustainable future. It is vital that WHO and Member States take a strong role in bringing the social determinants of the health agenda further. WHO needs capacity and resources on this area, both in order to support implementation in Member States and globally across the UN family and global actors.


We strongly support WHOs work on social determinants of health and Norway would like to express our full support to the resolution which came out of the EB meeting.


Thank you.

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