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Non-communicable diseases

Last updated: 05.06.2013 //


The magnitude of noncommunicable diseases and the adverse effect posed by their principal risk factors continue to grow in Member States at all levels of development. This fact was recognized by the UN High Level meeting in September 2011, and strong and concerted action was recognized as necessary in order to counter this megatrend. Norway notes with satisfaction the comprehensive follow-up work since the High Level meeting; in particular that the WHO is on track to deliver on the commitments made.

I am pleased to recall the agreement reached by the Formal meeting of the Member States of this organisation in November 2012 on a comprehensive framework with a set of 25 indicators and 9 voluntary targets to monitor the development of NCDs. We consider this to be a powerful tool both for Member States and for the WHO. We also remember all the efforts we put into reaching this agreement. It is very important that the Assembly now honors this agreement and adopts the proposal for a framework without any amendments, as an integrated part of the NCD Action plan for the period 2013-2020.

Regarding the draft NCD Action plan before us, we recognize that we still have some distance to cover before we all fully agree on its content. In our opinion, the present draft is a very good point of departure for further discussions.  

Norway’s overarching goal is to have the NCD Action plan adopted by this Assembly. We therefore support the establishment of a drafting group.  We strongly urge colleagues to enter into such negotiations with the clear intention to agree on a text, and to demonstrate the necessary flexibility to that end.

Thank you.

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