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Item 2: Norway's Statement on Report by the Director-General

Last updated: 26.01.2012 //

Thank you chair, Madame Director General, colleagues of the EB,


I would like to thank the DG for drawing the picture of severe global health challenges and at the same time inspiring us for important achievements in public health.


We are happy to have this organization to work on global health challenges and to continue to be the leader in global health. On the WHO-reform we must work to improve efficiency, transparency and the democratic foundation.


That is why we need a more predictable and democratic process for financing.

That is why we need improved principles for how we prioritize the resources.

That is also why we want to strengthen the RC, EB and WHA in order to contribute better on the governance of the organization.


We therefore look forward to this EB where we are both dealing with major challenges for global health and the development of this organization


Thank you!

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