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Item 6.10: Norway's Statement on Poliomyelitis: intensification of the global eradication initiative

Last updated: 26.01.2012 //


Chair, Director-General


Norway would like to thank the Secretariat for the status report on polio.

We take note of the information, in the report, from the Independent Monitoring Board that the goal to eradicate polio by 2012 will be very difficult. The thorough report from the Independent Monitoring Board highlights several issues that are of concern if we are to reach the goal of polio eradication.


Norway welcomes the reports from India that there has not been a single case of polio in the last 12 months. We congratulate the Indian authorities and WHO with this progress. This development shows the international society that eradication of polio is possible and we urge that experiences from India be used in the remaining polio endemic  areas.


Thank you chair.

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