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Item 8.4: Norway's Comment on Statement by the representative of the WHO staff associations

Last updated: 26.01.2012 //

Norway's Comment on Statement by WHO Staff


We thank the staff organization for its statement.


We agree that staff is WHO’s most valuable asset. A knowledge organization like WHO must at all times have the best expertise within their field.


Norway recognizes that the downsizing of WHO is a result of an effort to adjust the expenditure of this organization to the income it gets. Simultaneously, we understand that this process is difficult and painful for staff. We agree with the staff associations that these processes must be transparent, fair and just.


At the same time we expect that the downsizing is based on an overall strategy that will allow WHO to continue to deliver on the core areas of work to the satisfaction of all. We ask the DG to elaborate on this.


The statement made by the representative of the WHO staff associations includes criticism of WHO management. If these signals are representative for attitudes of WHO staff, they are worrisome. We encourage staff and management to continue the work to adjust the organization to new financial realities and future reform. At the same time as we expect management to be professional, constructive and flexible to change, we have the same expectations for the staff.


The staff association has a series of proposals that could improve the management of the organization. Norway finds these proposals to be within the authority of the DG to implement, and we urge the staff association to use established channels to work jointly with the management on these and other issues.


Thank you, Chair.

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