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WMO Congress, High Level Segment

Last updated: 18.05.2011 // Statement by Ambassador Bente Angell Hansen, Norway


At this 16th Congress of the World Meteorological Organisation we will talk about the weather  - a common topic for conversations across the world. But we will not only talk about the weather, we also aim to act on it. We hope to make an important contribution to the ways in which we prepare for increasingly unpredictable weather patterns. I am with this referring to the important agenda item for this WMO Congress on implementing the Global Framework for Climate Services. The main purpose of this Framework is both making available and sharing weather and climate information. This is vital in the endeavours to adapt to climate change, prevent disasters and thereby save lives.

 We would like to express our appreciation to all the members of the High Level Task Force. They have produced an excellent report with very useful information and clear recommendations and principles. Norway strongly supports a rapid implementation of the Global Framework for Climate Services, based on the recommendations of the Task Force.

 We believe that this meeting on the Global Framework for Climate Services should focus on three main tasks:

-        We should establish an ad-hoc technical group in order to elaborate an implementation plan.

-        We should agree on the governance structure of the future work.

-        And equally important, we should jointly provide the necessary funding this is needed to establish the system, primarily focussing on building climate information systems and filling the gaps in developing countries. This is a prerequisite for their full participation in the Framework.

 We stand ready to do our part in order to reach a decision and move forward on all these issues.

 The Global Framework for Climate Services is vital for the work to adapt to climate change and to promote prevention of natural disasters. We are confident that investing in climate data and services will prove to be a sound investment. We will be better prepared to meeting the challenges posed by climate change and we will no doubt save lives and assets.

 Therefore, Norway is prepared to support the Global Framework for Climate Services with a contribution of 2.5 million USD in 2011 for the purpose of securing adequate services and systems in vulnerable developing countries. We encourage other states to contribute their fair share for the benefit of all.

 It is further required that all countries show the necessary commitment as implementation of the Framework gets under way.  The UN and all its members must join forces to ensure a successful framework.

 The progress of the international climate change negotiations leaves much to be desired. With a firm follow-up on the Global Framework from this Congress, we will demonstrate to the world that we are ready to move forward on climate change adaptation and preparedness. Together we can succeed in implementing the Global Framework on Climate Services – thereby acting on climate change and disasters in a very concrete and “down to earth” fashion.

 Thank you.

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