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Norwegian Statements at the AP Mine Ban Convention's intersessional meetings

Last updated: 25.06.2012 // The 2012 intersessional meetings of the Anti-Personnel Land Mine Convention took place in Geneva on May 21-25. Here are the Norwegian Statements.

The AP Mine Ban Convention came into being 15 years ago. To date, 160 states have joined the convention. States and relevant organizations meet annually at the Meetings of States Parties (MSPs). An intersessional meeting often takes place in between MSPs to allow for states and organizations to get together and discuss the implementation of the convention. This year, the intersessional meetings took place in Geneva on May 21 - 25. Norway leads the Standing Committee for General Status and Operation of the Convention together with Peru and rapporteur Bulgaria. Here are Norway's statements on the issues of Mines Retained for Legitimate Purposes, Compliance, and Mine Clearance.

Norway's statement on Mines Retained for Legitimate Purposes

Norway's statement on Compliance

Norway's statement on Mine Clearance

Norway's statement on the Discovery of New Mined Areas after Article V Deadlines

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