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Norwegian Ambassador Mr. Kongstad . 
Photo: UD.Norwegian Ambassador Mr. Kongstad . Photo: UD

Meetings for the Mine Ban Convention and the Convention on Cluster Munitions

Last updated: 11.04.2014 // This week States Parties to the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention (MBC) and the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM), as well as international organisations and civil society have had a series of meetings in Geneva

An important issue this week has been preparations for the Third Review Conference for the Mine Ban Convention, which will take place in Maputo in June. That Conference will take the Mine Ban Convention back to where the First Meeting of States Parties was organised – in 1999 – and to a country that has demonstrated an impressive willingness and ability to address its mine problem. I 1999, Mozambique was one of the countries’ most severely affected by landmines. This year, few months after the Conference in Maputo, Mozambique is expected to declare that its mine clearance activities have been completed. That is an impressive achievement, and a model that other countries could learn from.

Another purpose of this week’s meetings has been for States to give update on the status of their implementation of these Conventions. As co-coordinator for Universalisation under the CCM and as co-chair for Stockpile Destruction under the MBC, Norway has led two sessions, together with Ghana and Poland, respectively. Norway participated actively in the discussions, and had the pleasure to announce to the meeting that all cluster munition remnants have been cleared at the former test fire range at Hjerkinn. That means that Norway has completed its obligations under Article 4 of the CCM. A formal declaration that Norway is in compliance with this Article will be made at Fifth Meeting of States Parties in September.

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