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Photo: UN Photo/Evan Schneider .

Expression of support for UNHCR’s role. Read more

Photo: Dss/Lars Jakobsen.

In her statement to UNHCR’s pledging meeting on December 8th, Ambassador Angell Hansen pledged 290 million Norwegian kroner in an un-earmarked contribution towards all four pillars constituting UNHCR’s 2010 annual budget. Read more

Photo: Elisabeth Brinch Sand.

In the statement under International Protection at the 60th session of UNHCR's EXCOM, Norway voiced concern over highly divergent refugee recognition rates among European countries and called for efforts towards a more harmonised Eropean practice. Also highlighted was the exceptionally sharp increase in asylum seekers, including unaccompanied minors, arriving in Norway. This has put huge strain... Read more

Photo: Elisabeth Brinch Sand.

In her statement to the "60th Session of the Executive Committee of the high Commissioner's Programme, Norwegian Deputy Foreign minister, Ms Gry Larsen, pledged continued Norwegian support to the office - both politically and financially. Among other matters she encouraged UNHCR to contribute towards a more predictable approach with regard to protection of IDPs in natural disasters. She also... Read more

Strong support to ongoing reform efforts. Call for increased efforts with regard to Results-Based Management framework as well as swift implementation of the recommendations contained in the report of the Boards of Auditors and the OIOS. Read more

In the face of multiple challenges Norway is convinced that UNHCR is now moving in the right direction. Norway stands ready to support UNHCR in conducting a survey on how best to prepare for an expected increase in climate-related conflicts and is eagerly following the organisation's work to mainstream gender equity within its own ranks. Read more

At the December 9 pledging meeting, Norway announced a contribution of NOK 290 million (approximately, 41, 5 million US $) to the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees and its 2009 appeal. The pledge represents an increase in NOK 50 million or about 17 % in Norway's non-earmarked core contribution to the Office. Read more

It is because of these 26 million [internally displaced]  human beings that we are here today.  Not to commemorate – and not to celebrate past achievements – but to make use of the Guiding Principles as a tool for protection, as a tool to take stock, as a tool to look at new challenges. To update them, and keep the focus on them.   Read more

Call for reintensified effort to address protracted refugee situations. Support to the High Commissioner's upcoming dialogue on protection and expressed need to scrutinize the usefulness of and the process in which EXCOM conclusions are elaborated. Read more

Norway condemns the massive use of military force by the Israeli Defence Forces in their attempts to stop the firing of homemade rockets from Gaza and underlines that all parties to the conflict have a responsibility to end the cycle of violence in the region.   Read more