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Photo: Dss/Lars Jakobsen.Photo: Dss/Lars Jakobsen

Norway pledges continued strong financial support to UNHCR

Last updated: 15.12.2009 // In her statement to UNHCR’s pledging meeting on December 8th, Ambassador Angell Hansen pledged 290 million Norwegian kroner in an un-earmarked contribution towards all four pillars constituting UNHCR’s 2010 annual budget.

Statement by Ambassador Bente Angell-Hansen to the Ad Hoc Committee of the General Assembly for the Announcement of Voluntary Contributions to the Program of UNHCR  

 8 December 2009


Madame Chairperson,

The UNHCR 2010 - 2011 appeal conveys clearly the magnitude and the complexities facing the Office as 2009 draws to a close.

Norway appreciates the hard work that has been put into the appeal – including the guidance it provides on the way forward in addressing the needs of approximately 34 million people of concern worldwide. 

We are pleased  with the comprehensive assessment and planning process which has lead to the appeal before us. The Global Needs Assessment as well as result based management supported by the Focus software are all key components in this comprehensive effort to render UNHCR more transparent, more efficient and more able to address the full needs of its people of concern.

We reiterate our support for these reforms and we underline the importance of consolidation and fine tuning in the months a head. In many ways, 2010 will be a milestone in terms of demonstrating the value and optimize effects of these new measures. We call on the office to maintain close contact with member states in the process. 


Madame. Chairperson,

Norway is particularly pleased  with the fact that cluster needs in the field have been included in the 2010 - 2011 plans and budgets as parts of efforts to mainstream the organizations IDP related activities.  This represents a milestone with regard to the Office's important and ever growing workload on IDPs. 

To prepare for challenges a head, we encourage UNHCR to continue the strengthening of its capacity on IDP protection as well as on cluster leadership and coordination.

We are pleased with the focus provided to age, gender and diversity mainstreaming in the  appeal document. As is well known, efforts in this field are most effective when they are part and parcel of operational activities and regular budgets. 

Madame  Chairperson,

For the year 2010, pending final parliamentary approval, the Norwegian government will contribute  NOK 290 million  -  or approximately 51.5 million dollars towards all four pillars constituting UNHCR’s annual budget.  In accordance with established Norwegian practice, our core contribution is completely un-earmarked.

In terms of timing, total the pledge will be disbursed by the end of February 2010. It is our hope that this will contribute towards the much needed flexibility and predictability for the organization and thereby ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Moreover, Norway will continue its generous contribution to country appeals and specific undertakings by the Office – based on humanitarian needs as they unfold throughout the year and reflecting our budgetary possibilities.

I thank you,

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