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Norwegian Statement on Standing Committee's overview on Europe

Last updated: 07.03.2014 // By Counselor Cathrine Andersen, UNHCR 59th Standing Committee 4-6 march 2014


Thank you to the director for the introduction, in particular on the issue of the refugees in the western Balkan. We also appreciate the interventions by the countries in the region. In light if these Norway supports the approach of further consultation with the countries in the region on the cessation of refugee status for refugees from the 91-95 conflict. More than 20 years have passed but there are now several initiatives and processes on-going with the aim of solving the remaining cases. We support this both in financial and political terms and look forward to these processes being finalized and succeed, so that the refugees find durable solutions. We recognize and support the role of UNCHR in promoting solutions, and also its role under the convention in determining refugee status and ensuring international protection.

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