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Norwegian Priorities

Norwegian foreign and international development policy has as one of it main objectives to contribute to saving lives, alleviating war and protecting those who are in danger. We seek to strengthen and broaden global humanitarian action to achieve this. Norway’s Humanitarian Policy is to be a principled humanitarian policy actor and a predictable, transparent financial donor in meeting the changes and challenges of the humanitarian landscapes. In cooperation with others, Norway will contribute to:

  • Ensuring that people in need receive the necessary protection and assistance                                                                                             
  • Financing humanitarian assistance based on the principles of humanity, impartiality and neutrality


  • Equipping  the international community to meet future global humanitarian challenges, including stronger coordination and cooperation with states and NGOs                                     
  • Preventing and responding  to humanitarian crises,  and initiate the recovery of communities afterwards                                                                                                

In order to achieve this, Norway’s priorities include the need for broad humanitarian alliances, strengthening of international humanitarian law and humanitarian disarmament. The UN has a key role in the Government’s humanitarian policy. Supporting other key humananitarian actors like the Red Cross and NGOs like Norwegian Refugee council is also a central part of Norway’s humanitarian efforts.