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Salmon Anti-dumping

Published 18.01.2008 // 

The WTO Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) on 15 January 2008 adopted the panel report in the case brought by Norway against the anti-dumping measure imposed by the EU on farmed salmon. In its report, made public on 16 November, the WTO Panel concludes that the EU’s anti-dumping measure is inconsistent with WTO rules on 22 points. The overall scope and number of infringements is such that Norway believes the EU has no choice but to withdraw the anti-dumping measure. WTO rules provide that the EU and Norway should try to agree on a reasonable period for the EU to implement the WTO ruling. If ther...

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Published 16.11.2007 // 

The WTO Panel’s report states that the EU anti-dumping measure against Norwegian salmon is inconsistent with WTO rules on 22 points. This is the largest number of infringements in any case of this kind brought before the WTO. The Panel’s report was published today.

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Published 31.05.2006 // 

Press release no 69/06 from Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 29 May 2006

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