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Norwegian statement on Pakistan

Last updated: 30.10.2012 //

Tuesday, 30. October 2012, Geneva.

Thank you, Madame President

Norway thanks the Pakistani delegation for their presentation. We welcome Pakistan’s enactment of several key human rights treaties and domestic legislation seeking to enshrine fundamental human rights. We are, however, concerned by the general low level of implementation of adopted legislation. Norway recommends that Pakistan withdraw remaining reservations to the ICCPR and the Convention against Torture, and take immediate steps to incorporate both treaties into domestic legislation.

We further recommend that Pakistan consider issuing standing invitations to all special procedures of the HRC.

The Pakistiani Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and protection of minorities. At the same time the Ahmadiyya paragraphs and the blasphemy laws limit this freedom for religious minorities. Members of sects like the Hazaras in Baluchistan and shias in Gilgit Baltistan are regularly subjected to attacks and killings. Norway recommends that the Government investigates attacks and violence against religious minorities and sects and bring those responsible to justice.

The Pakistani constitution guarantees freedom of opinion and expression. However, the stakeholders’ report notes that journalists work under constant threat of attacks both from the security forces and militants. Norway recommends that Pakistan bring to justice perpetrators of attacks on journalists by effectively investigating all individuals and organisations accused of such abuses.

I thank you, Madame President.



Advance Questions:


1.         Could you please elaborate on which steps the Government of Pakistan has taken to implement the accepted UPR-recommendations to guarantee freedom of religion in law and practice, religious discrimination, harassment and attacks on minorities and sects? What steps will the Government of Pakistan take in order to remove the discriminating paragraphs in the Constitution against religious minorities like Ahmadiyyas?

2.         Which steps will the Government of Pakistan take to end the reported attacks and murder of representatives of religious sects and minorities and to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators?

3.         Which steps will the Government of Pakistan take to investigate and prosecute both government officials and perpetrators for alleged harassment and murder of members of the media?

4.         Which steps will the Government of Pakistan take to implement new laws and amendments of laws against discrimination of women adopted by the Parliament last year? 

5.         Which steps will the Government of Pakistan take to end impunity in Pakistan? How has the government followed up on the previously accepted recommendation to combat impunity for attacks on human rights defenders?

6.         Which steps is the Government of Pakistan taking to address the reported high numbers of enforced disappearances? 

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