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Statement on and Advance Questions to Nigeria

Last updated: 22.10.2013 // UPR of Nigeria October 22nd 2013. Statement and advance questions submitted by Norway


Thank you Mr. President,

Norway would like to thank the delegation of Nigeria for its national report.

Nigeria’s economic development has been impressive, and yet another democratic transfer of presidential power has taken place. However, the economic growth has not contributed significantly to the reduction of poverty. The majority of the poor are women.

Norway recommends that Nigeria intensify efforts to improve the status of women and girls, including enhanced reproductive health measures, the fight against sexual and gender based violence and harmful, traditional practices, the domestication of the CEDAW Convention and to include women in decision making at all levels.

Norway deeply regrets the persistent prevalence of terrorism, and the acts of cruelty carried out against innocent civilians. There is a high degree of impunity for serious offences such as extra judicial killings, violent crimes and murder, trafficking, oil theft and corruption.

Norway recommends that Nigeria intensify efforts against organised crime, including terrorism, and impunity of perpetrators.

Norway regrets the fact that Nigeria broke the moratorium from 2006 on the death penalty by carrying out executions in 2013, and recommends a reintroduction of the moratorium and abolishment of capital punishment.

Thank you. 


Advance Questions
  1.             In spite of the Government’s efforts to mitigate and investigate extrajudicial killings, several reports by credible human rights actors, institutions and organizations indicate a continued large-scale occurrence and widespread impunity. How can the Government of Nigeria intensify its efforts to ensure that extrajudicial killings are not committed by state agents that all reported cases are investigated and all perpetrators are brought to justice? We would also appreciate to be informed on steps taken to ensure that all detainees suspected of a crime are brought before a court of law as soon as possible and in accordance with the Nigerian Constitution and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
  2.   Concern has been raised with cases of arbitrary arrest and detention of journalists, as well as threats against them. We would welcome an elaboration on what steps the Government will take to safeguard the fundamental rights of writers and journalists, who should be protected against arbitrary arrests, imprisonment and threats when exercising their right to freedom of expression.
  3.    What steps will the Government take to reintroduce the moratorium that was in effect from 2006 until June this year, and subsequently to abolish the death penalty?

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