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Convention on Cluster Munitions: Intersessional meetings

Last updated: 04.05.2012 // States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions as well as other relevant actors gathered in Geneva 16. - 19. april 2012 for the convention's intersessional meetings. These informal meetings allow for discussion and consultations on the implementation of the convention, and help strengthen the norm that keeps state- and non-state actors from using or obtaining cluster munitions.

The CCM intersessional meetings were attended by representatives from capitals and Permanent Missions in Geneva as well as international and civil society organizations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC). Intersessional meetings help build momentum around the implementation of the convention, and contribute to strengthening the norm that declares the effects of these weapons unacceptable. Norway will assume the presidency of CCM after the incumbert president, Lebanon. Below are links to a presentation of Norway's preparations for the third Meeting of States Parties (3MSP) in Oslo, as well as all Norwegian statements held at the intersessional meetings.

Norway's presentation on Preparations for 3MSP

Norwegian statement on Universalisation of the Convention

Norwegian statement on Victim Assistance

Norwegian statement on Clearance and Destruction of Remnants

Norwegian statement on Cooperation and Assistance

Norwegian statement on Stockpile Destruction

Norwegian statement on Compliance

Norwegian statement on Establishment & Financing of an ISU

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