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Photo: UN Photo/Marco Dormino.Photo: UN Photo/Marco Dormino

Safe Schools in Buenos Aires 28 – 29 March 2017

Preparations are underway for the Second International Conference on Safe Schools, hosted by Argentina in Buenos Aires on 28 and 29 March this year. The conference aims at building on the Safe School Declaration's increasing momentum.

The Safe School Declaration, now endorsed by 57 states (as of 30th of January 2017), aims to contribute to securing safe access to education services for children and youth in areas of armed conflict. The increase of endorsing states signals the positive resolve and importance placed on securing education during conflict.


The Second International Conference on Safe Schools will cover a wide range of topics relevant to the implementation of the Safe Schools Declaration. Refocused attention on the issue of attacks on schools in areas of armed conflict will be a point of departure for further progress. The conference will be an important arena for participating parties to share examples of good practice and address areas of improvement, all to insure effective implementation of the commitments contained in the Declaration. 


With the support from Norway, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has established a Sponsorship Programme to facilitate the participation of delegates from eligible countries (countries listed by OECD DAC as ODA recipient). UNDP will arrange travel, accommodation, terminal expenses, and travel insurance for a maximum of two sponsored delegates per eligible country. If you have any questions or concerns related to the sponsorship programme and travel arrangements of sponsored delegates, please contact - Ms. Simona Chladkova simona.chladkova@undp.org, at UNDP in Geneva, tel. 0041 22 917 8352.


Delegations should register through sending a Note Verbale by post to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Esmeralda 1212, C1007ABR-CABA, Repbulica Argentina. The note can also be sent by e-mail to: 2safeschools@mrecic.gov.ar



Information about the First Conference which took place in Oslo is available here. To read more about Safe Schools, please see here.


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